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Mark's Zucchini Slice

Recipe Sourced from Victorian Farmers Market Serves 4

...and if you are after something a bit more left field, click on the Victorian Farmers Market link above for Greenvale Farms pancetta with fennel seeds and thyme version or try Juanitas version with the refreshing addition of lemon rind and mint.


1 onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
4 rashers streaky free-range bacon chopped
4-5 medium zucchini, grated (all varieties are suitable)
200gm of a good goats feta
200gm ricotta
1 cup self raising flour
dash of cream
salt and pepper
5 free range eggs

Preheat over 180C. Lightly pan fry onion, garlic and bacon, then combine with zucchini, cheeses and flour in a bowl.  Beat eggs and cream together with salt and pepper and add to zucchini mix. Pour mixture into buttered baking dish and cook for approximately 45 minutes.


Serve with a glass of Pfeiffer Chardonnay.

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