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2015 Pfeiffer Sparkling Pfizz White

A full, flavoursome sparkling white wine which is refreshingly crisp.
Normal Price: $29.90
Wine Club Price: $26.91

Grapes Pinot Noir 92.5% Chardonnay 7.5%
Vintage 2015

Seal A crown seal has been used on our Pfeiffer Pfizz White to maximise its flavour and freshness, and to eliminate the chances of cork taint.

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Fruit Sourcing King Valley

Harvest Date February 2015

Vintage The 2015 growing season showed great promise from the beginning, with mild temperatures and good Spring rain, with dry conditions around flowering. As the season progressed, the good weather continued.  Summer was relatively mild, and was dotted with welcome, but low level, rain events. Despite the mild weather, and the normal cropping loads, vintage once again kicked off early, commencing on the 11th February.

February was dotted with a few showers, leading into a bone dry March. With the early onset of the vintage, these favourable weather conditions allowed white, red and fortified varieties to develop fully and deliver the desired flavours at harvest.

Generally speaking, vintage 2015 has been a very good one. The fortified wine quality is outstanding. Muscat shows pristine and incredibly floral aromatics, with great power and depth on the palate.  Muscadelle for Topaque shows classic honey and cold tea characters, with lovely texture and weight.  Our Portuguese varieties have outstanding colour and depth of flavour, with complexity and weight, suitable for high quality port styles. The red wines have great colour, with rich, ripe flavours and good fullness on the palate.  And the white wines offer fresh, fruit driven aromatics, with lovely natural acidity, giving length.

Winemakers Comments The Chardonnay grapes (from our Sunday Creek Vineyard) were the first white grapes harvested in the season, and were hand-picked and whole bunch pressed to retain delicate fruit flavours and reduce phenolic pick up.  The Pinot Noir (from Richard Carson’s Cheshunt vineyard) was harvested later in February, also hand picked and whole bunch pressed to avoid colour pick up. Only the free run juice from each parcel was used for this wine.  The juice was racked into a stainless steel tank where it was fermented at 11-12 ºC for approximately 10 days.  
At the completion of primary fermentation, the wine was blended, fined and clarified.  The wine was then tiraged (where by a secondary fermentation is started in tank, and the fermenting wine is bottled, creating the “pfizz”).   The bottled wine remained in contact with its yeast lees until it was disgorged (where the yeast lees are removed from the bottle, and a dosage liqueur is added to top the wine) for immediate sale.

Our 2014 Pfeiffer Sparkling Pfizz White is a full, flavoursome wine.  Maturation on yeast lees provides a gentle creaminess and great complexity to the palate.

Dosage Liqueur  2015 Pfeiffer Chardonnay

Yeast EC1118 – a traditional yeast used in the production of Champagne

Partners Perfect with canapes.

Cellar The Pfeiffer Sparkling Pfizz White is best drunk while young and fresh…for your next celebration.
Allergens Produced with the aid of milk products and traces may remain.  Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res. Sugar 2.93g/L       
pH 3.21
TA 7.35 g/L       
Alcohol 12.0% v/v