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Pfeiffer Seriously Fine

Unique flavour, dry personality! A wine to enjoy as the sun goes down. 500ML
Normal Price: $30.00
Wine Club Price: $27.00
Classification Pale Dry Apera

What Is An Apera? An Australian apera is an invitation to adventure!

An apera can be enjoyed as the sun goes down and it is the ideal way to ‘open up’ the appetite in preparation for a meal. It is the perfect pre-dinner drink to share over a light bite, in the company of friends and sometimes can last longer than dinner itself! An apera can be elegant and dry or fruity and fragrant. An apera can even be muddled together with other liqueurs and syrups to be enjoyed as a seriously good wine cocktail. The most enjoyable moment is simply deciding when it is apera o’clock.

Grapes Palamino, Monbadon

Vintage NV

Seal A screw cap has been used on our Seriously Fine to maximise it's flavour and freshness, and to eliminate the chances of cork taint.

Reviews 95/100 Halliday Wine Companion 2024

Awards TROPHY - Best Apera - Rutherglen Wine Show 2023
TROPHY - Best Fortified Wine : Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2016
TOP GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2022
TOP GOLD : Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2016
TOP GOLD : Riverland Wine Show 2016
TOP GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2014
TOP GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2013
TOP GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2012
GOLD: Rutherglen Wine Show 2023
GOLD: Rutherglen Wine Show 2022
GOLD: Victorian Wine Show 2021
GOLD: Rutherglen Wine Show 2021
GOLD: Cowra Wine Show 2021
GOLD: Victorian Wines Show 2015
GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2015
GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2010
SILVER: Victorian Wine Show 2022
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2018
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2018
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2017
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2016
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2014
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2014
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2013
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Australian Wine Showcase Magazine 2013
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2012
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2011
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2010
SILVER: Cairns Wine Show 2008
BRONZE: Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2017
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2017
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2016
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2015
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2012
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2007

Fruit Sourcing Rutherglen

Average Age 8 -10 years

Winemakers Comments The Pfeiffer Seriously Fine is a delicate, dry, crisp, pale dry apera.  It is fresh and lifted, with crunchy green apples and hints of citrus peel.  The secret to this style is the layer of flor yeast which grows on the wine’s surface when it’s in barrel.  This flor yeast consumes any oxygen present, which helps retain the wine’s pristine colour, freshness, and distinctive flavour.

Serving Temperature fine temp 305

Glassware Serve Seriously Fine in a glass that is narrow and cylindrical rather than broad and open to ensure that intriguing aroma heads straight for your nose.

Apera O'Clock fine drink 35

Serving Suggestions Seriously Fine is delicious served straight from the fridge - cold and crisp....seriously, the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Enjoy Seriously Fine with olives, smoked almonds, salty seafood, croquettes, Manchego cheese or beetroot chips.  Sushi and sashimi are also excellent accompaniments to Seriously Fine.  Seriously Fine is seriously good with chocolate chilli truffles….try it!!

Wine Cocktails using Pfeiffer Seriously Fine

Cellar It is not necessary to cellar this wine. Simply enjoy.

Technical Notes Made using only the “free-run” juice, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks at 13°celsius to preserve the delicacy of the wine.  Our Palamino and Monbadon grapes are harvested at lower sugar levels to obtain less fruity, more neutral characters and retain a high level of natural acidity. Only the free run juice is used in the production of our Seriously Fine.  After the completion of alcoholic fermentation, a very neutral spirit is added to the “base wine” as we call it, to increase the alcohol content to approximately 15%v/v. 

The base wine is then transferred to old oak barrels, only filled to two thirds capacity.  We then seed the wine with the flor yeast, which is allowed to grow on the upper surface of the wine.  This creates a white film on the top of the wine, which consumes oxygen and produces aldehyde and carbon dioxide, thus protecting the wine below.  It is this flor yeast which gives the wine the distinctive appley character and wonderful texture on the palate. Our Seriously Fine may be matured on flor yeast for 5 - 8 years.  The wine is then taken off flor, blended and returned to barrel (full), until final blending and clarification prior to bottling.

Vegan Friendly Vegan No | Vegetarian Yes.  Produced with the aid of milk products and traces may remain.

Allergens Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res Sugar .025 g/L
pH 2.98
TA 6.00 g/L
Alcohol 16.0 % v/v