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Pfeiffer Classic Rutherglen Muscat

A rich and luscious fortified wine which lingers on the palate long after the wine has been enjoyed. 500ML
Normal Price: $38.00
Wine Club Price: $34.20
Grapes Brown Rutherglen Muscat grapes

Vintage NV - Average Age 10 years old

Seal Screw Cap

Reviews 95/100 Halliday Wine Companion 2024

Awards 100 BEST AUSTRALIAN WINES 2017 : Matthew Jukes 2018 | Edition 15
TROPHY: Champion Wine Of Show - Australian Small Winemakers Show 2003
TOP GOLD: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2003
GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2023
GOLD: Rutherglen Wine Show 2022
GOLD: Cowra Wine Show 2018
GOLD: Ballarat Wine Show 2017
GOLD: Ballarat Wine Show 2016
GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2015
GOLD: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2015
GOLD: Australian Wine Showcase Magazine 2013
SILVER: Rutherglen Wine Show 2022
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2022
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2021
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2018
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2018
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2016
SILVER Riverina Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Les Concours des Vins du Victoria 2014
SILVER: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2014
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Cairns Wine Show 2010
SILVER: Brisbane Fine Wine Festival 2009    
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2009
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2008
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2008
SILVER: Japan Wine Challenge 2007
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2006
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2006
SILVER: Wagga Wagga Wine Show 2006
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2005
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2004        
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2004
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2003        
SILVER: London International Wine Challenge 2003
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2022
BRONZE: Rutherglen Wine Show 2021
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2021
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2019
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2019
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2017
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2017
BRONZE: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2016
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2015
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2014
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2014
BRONZE: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2013
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2013
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2012
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2011
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Hot Climate Wine Show 2009
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2008
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2008
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2007
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2007
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2006
BRONZE: Cairns Show Wine Awards 2005

Winemakers Comments Each year Muscat grapes are harvested at high sugar levels.  This wine is then transferred into barrels and casks of different volumes for several years (anything between 5 and 50 years).  These parcels of varying ages are then blended together prior to bottling, to create the perfect balanced wine, for drinking now.  This Muscat is a wonderful example of Rutherglen Classic Muscat.

An aromatic bouquet of florals and raisins follows on to the rich and luscious palate, lingering long after the wine has been enjoyed.  Muscat is regarded as the world''s RICHEST wine.

Partners Chocolate dipped Prunes with Muscat Cream

Cellar Mature and rich now, from our long term cask maturation...savour!

Allergens Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res Sugar 261 g/L
pH  3.47
TA  4.60 g/L
Alcohol 17.6% v/v