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Pfeiffer Rare Rutherglen Muscat

This wine displays extraordinary qualities that result from blending selected parcels of only the very richest and most complete wines in our cellar. 500ML
Normal Price: $123.00
Wine Club Price: $110.70
Availability Limited to ONE bottle per customer

Grapes Brown Rutherglen Muscat grapes

Vintage NV - Average Age 25 years old

Seal Screw Cap

Reviews James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2019
98/100 "Sheer quality. Hands down. Intense, fluid, seductive and long, and noteworthy for its exquisite balance too. A parade of flavours and textures, a perfect mix of bass and treble notes, and soaring length."

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2017

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2016

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2015

Lisa Johnston, The Pfeiffer’s Sticky Rutherglen Story, www.enobytes.com, 3rd December 2013
"The quarter of a century of maturation has given this wine a richness that still has a fresh sweep of acid to keep it lively. Dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit are plentiful and generous last in the mouth. This is a wine to sip, it is very difficult to rush it. Those chocolate desserts just got that much richer and the cheese that much riper."

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2014

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2013

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2012
96/100 Beautifully balanced and poised; the old material is held in check by winemaking that maintains precision, and it  is not until you taste the wine that its full force is reveealed; wonerfully long and complext, this once again shows why these wines are national treasures.

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2011

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2010

Awards TROPHY: Riverland Wine Show 2013
TOP GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2016
TOP GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2013
GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2018
GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2015
GOLD: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2014
GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2014
GOLD: Cowra Wine Show 2013
GOLD: Riverland Wine Show 2011
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2018
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2017
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2017
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2016
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Riverina Wine Show 2016
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2015
SILVER: Les Concours des Vins du Victoria 2014
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2014
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2011
BRONZE: Royal Hobart Wine Show 2018
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2012
BRONZE: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2009 

Winemakers Comments Muscat grapes are typically harvested between 18-20º Baumé, with some raisining occurring of the grapes.  The grapes are crushed into static fermenters, where they are given a cold maceration for 3 days.  Fermentation is started on skins (only 1-2%v/v), before the grapes are pressed into stainless steel tanks for fortification using a neutral grape spirit, leaving a sweet wine of around 17.5% v/v. 

After fortification, the Muscat wines are clarified, then transferred into barrels and casks of different volumes for several years (anything between three and thirty).  Most batches are kept separate, however some batches are blended for the maturation process.  It is this maturation process that concentrates the wines and produces the rich, complex flavours of which Rutherglen Muscats are renowned.  Our Pfeiffer Rare Rutherglen Muscat is blended from our very best parcels, made in only the best vintages that have been matured in the best possible barrels.  This creates an exquisite wine, of outstanding quality, remarkable depth and wonderful persistence.

The Pfeiffer Rare Rutherglen Muscat has a dark brown, black colour, with olive green hues.  It has an exquisite coffee character on the nose, with hints of chocolate and floral Muscat.  The palate has intense concentration, lusciousness and depth.  Flavours of coffee and dark chocolate integrate seamlessly with the pure Muscat flavours running through the wine, resulting in a wine of breathtaking complexity.

Partners Dark Chocolate Truffles
Cellar Ready for immediate consumption.

Allergens Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res Sugar 303 g/L
pH  3.45
TA  6.30 g/L
Alcohol 17.6% v/v