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2019 Pfeiffer Mataro

Mataro as a single variety is a delightfully evocative, medium to full bodied red wine, with juicy raspberry and wild herb flavours and a touch of spice.
Normal Price: $30.00
Wine Club Price: $27.00

Grapes Merlot

Vintage 2019

Seal A screw cap has been used on our 2019 Pfeiffer Mataro to maximise its flavour and freshness, and to eliminate the chances of cork taint.

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Fruit Sourcing Central Victoria

Harvest Date April 2019

Fruit Sourcing The Mataro fruit is grown by Sarah Gough, who has a vineyard in Avenel, in Central Victoria. Sarah is committed to the development of alternative varieties in Australian viticulture.  Sarah normally sells the Mataro to other winemakers to use for Rosé, but approached us in 2019 as she thought the conditions were perfect to get her Mataro fully ripe to make a great table red wine.

2019 was a warm year, and Mataro needs a warm season as it is a late ripener. In a cool year, the fruit struggles to ripen and the wine can be left green and vegetal in flavour (and let'sface it, that doesn't make for great drinking!!). But in a warm, earlier ripening year, Mataro accumulates both sugar and flavour that gives it a chance to develop those ripe, red fruit flavours, but with a touch of wild herbs and earthy, savoury characters that are very alluring.

Vintage Like most of south eastern Australia, Rutherglen experienced dry conditions in winter and spring of 2018. Our annual rainfall for 2018 was well below the average 565mm, with only 316mm falling for the year. With such low rainfall, we were forced to commence irrigation in late September to try to build canopy strength. Irrigation continued throughout the rest of the year, constantly throughout the summer and also during the harvest. We experienced one of our hottest summers on record, with several weeks of temperatures above 40C in January.  These exceptionally hot and dry conditions resulted in low yields, particularly in Chardonnay for the whites (which was around 40% down), in Shiraz for the reds (which was around 50%) and in our Muscat and Topaques (which were around 50% down). Overall our yields were 25-30% lower than forecasted.

Vintage commenced on the 21st February, with Pinot Grigio, Frontignac and Shiraz all being harvested on the first day.  We experienced yet another compressed vintage, with 90% of our intake being harvested in 5 weeks and the remaining 10% of our intake being harvested in the subsequent 4 weeks. This of course put a lot of pressure on fermenter space, refrigeration and our staff, with such an intense period in the vintage.

Fruit quality is good, with the white varieties showing strong varietal characters and surprisingly good acidity given the hot weather. Our red wines have exceptional deep and dark purple colours, with ripe, generous and concentrated flavours, very much reflective of the vintage.  Our fortified wines have performed strongly as well, with our Portuguese varieties for our port styles being particularly good and our Muscat and Topaque wines having great lusciousness and depth of flavour.

Winemakers Comments With only a small batch of 2 tonnes to work with, we gave the Mataro the Rolls Royce treatment in the winery, crushing it into an open vat for its fermentation, and hand plunging the wine three times daily throughout. After pressing and settling, the Mataro was racked into 6 year old French oak barrels for maturation.

While Mataro definitely benefits from barrel ageing, younger oak can impart too much oak influence into the wine and the wine can look out of balance. We aged the wine in four barrels for around 15 months before bottling it late into 2020.

Our 2019 Mataro is deep maroon in colour, with a bouquet of red berries, dried herbs and spice. The palate is generous, smooth and textural, with mulberry and plum fruit flavours persisting to a savoury, spicy finish.

Try With Crispy 5 spice duck pancakes.

Cellar A delightful wine now and over eight years until 2027.
Vegan Friendly Vegan No | Vegetarian Yes.  Produced with the aid of egg products and traces may remain.

Yeast FX 10 – a red wine yeast that promotes good colour and varietal expression.
HPS – A high polysaccharide producer, giving mouthfeel and volume to the wine.
XR – A Bordeaux isolate, enhancing colour and varietal flavour in the wine.

Allergens Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res. Sugar .83 g/l
pH 3.56
TA 5.83 g/L
Alcohol 14.5 % v/v