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Mad About Moscato 6 Pack

Celebrate World Moscato Day in style with this Mad About Moscato Wine Pack.
Normal Price: $120.00
Wine Club Price: $108.00

Mad About Moscato 6 Pack

Moscato is so popular it has its own national holiday. 

This year, in 2020, World Moscato Day is Saturday May 9th.  In celebration of this special day, we have created a Pfeiffer Wines Mad About Moscato pack. 

Our Mad About Moscato 6 bottle pack includes:

6 x 2019 Pfeiffer Moscato
2 x Winemaker of Rutherglen GoVino Stemless Glasses

Govino glasses have a unique polymer which is 100% shatterproof so these glasses are great for around swimming pools or bbq's and picnics or anywhere it's not safe to use glass.

$120 ($108 Pfeiffer Wine Club)


The above prices include freight**/*** to anywhere in Australia. 


**A freight surcharge of $25 p/case will be applied to wine deliveries if they are sent to the following postcodes 4230 – 4299, 4306 – 4349, 4370 – 4499, 4576 – 4899, 7031 – 7049, 7110 – 7149, 7172 – 7245 and 7326 – 7899.  ***A freight surcharge of $45 p/case will be applied to wine deliveries if they are sent to the following postcodes 0800 – 0999 and 6000 – 6999.


How To Celebrate World Moscato Day in lieu of our COVID-19 Restrictions


Pour yourself a glass of Moscato and create a perfect food pairing

Moscato's seductive tropical flavours, delicate sweetness and slight spritz, make it a perfect match to spicy Asian fare (think Thai, Szechuan, Korean and curries) as the sweetness from the wine tames the heat in the food. While dessert is Moscato's forte, cheese courses (especially Brie), charcuterie, a crisp veggie platter or antipasto plates can also be perfect pairings for Moscato 


Host a World Moscato Day Virtual Party with your Moscato loving friends to celebrate the day

If social distancing has taught us anything, it is that you don’t have to see your friends in real life to celebrate. Thanks to apps like FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom, seeing your friends face to face—while you're physically far away—has never been easier.


World Moscato Day Virtual Party Tips


Send a Formal Invitation Make your Moscato Party feel extra special by sending a well-desgned digital invitation from someone like PaperlessPost

Serve Your Moscato In An Elegant Glass Now's the perfect time to dip into your stash and serve your Moscato out of something a little nicer than your everyday wine glass (without the fear that your guests will break it).

Get Dressed Up As tempting as it may be to show up to your World Moscato Day Virtual Party in a t-shirt and your favourite pyjama pants, you could also use this an opportunity to dress up in an outfit you would have worn if you weren't stuck at home.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life Have each of your guests critique a Moscato from a different winery or region and compare notes (or arrange for each of your guests to have the same wine eg Pfeiffer Moscato) and do the same.

Make A Moscato Cocktail Suggest a special Moscato cocktail you can all enjoy together.  Just make sure to choose something relatively easy that requires few ingredients to keep it accessible and email everyone a recipe in advance.

Keep It Quiet Don't share your meeting link on social media or public forums, because then anyone can join in.


Learn More about your favourite Moscato Producer

If you have a favourite Moscato winery, research their history and learn how they make their Moscato. Share your love of Moscato with your friends and family and celebrate the delicious wine that is Moscato.


Create a Signature Moscato Cocktail

Wine is far too interesting and diverse to be relegated to spritzers. From fruity sangrias for a party to imaginative recipes with new flavour pairings you can use Moscato to mix up some fascinating wine cocktails. Think Moscato Ginger Iced Tea, Moscato Mojitas, Moscato Punch or even our very own Bridge Bar special Summer Breeze


Organise a Virtual Games Night and enjoy it with your favourite bottle of Moscato