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Our Vineyards


The property is 125 metres above sea level and is spread over 290 acres, comprising of 70 acres of vineyard and 220 acres of grazing and timber land. There are two vineyards on the property - our Sunday Creek vineyard and our Carlyle vineyard.


Vineyard Satistics

The vineyards are drip and sprinkler irrigated and the majority of the vineyard is on single wire, modified VSP trellising.  Both vineyards have 10 foot x 6 foot vine row spacing.  The vineyards utilise organic manure practices – turf rye, a fine leafed grass is grown in between the rows and creates organic matter during the growing season.

General Statistics


Altitude of Rutherglen 170m Above Sea Level
Average Rainfall  580mm/year
Rainfall Days per year  77
Hottest Months  January and February (Ave temps of approx 31ºC)
Coldest Months  (Average temps of approx 12 ºC)


Rutherglen Climate Statistics

Sunday Creek Vineyard

Our Sunday Creek Vineyard is 48 acres and is surrounded by majestic River Red Gums.  Running alongside the eastern perimeter of the vineyard is the mighty Murray River.  To the south lies Sunday Creek and to the west, Lake Moodemere.  These 3 bodies of water create the ideal micro-climate for this vineyard. 


The Sunday Creek vineyard soil type is sandy soil over river gravel.  Sandy soil or "Black Dog Fine Sandy Loam" is generally found over Murray River gravel. These soils are free draining, and produce elegant wines with lovely aromaticity. 


The east west oriented rows produce 18 varieties of grapes, including some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Australia, as well as 26 rows of Portuguese grape varieties.

Varieties grown in our Sunday Creek Vineyard include:

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Touriga Nacional
Pinot Noir
White Frontignac
Tinta Cao
Tinta Barooca
Tinta Roriz

Carlyle Vineyard

The Carlyle Vineyard is 22 acres.  The top of Carlyle Vineyard is Rutherglen loam over clay.  Red loam or "Rutherglen loam" is generally found over clay. This is a rich soil, has a distinctive red-orange colour and tends to produce big, voluminous wines.

Our Carlyle vineyard includes 6 varieties of grapes, oriented north-south.  They are:

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sanzay


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