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Welcome to our online wine store. Ordering our award winning wines via our secure online transaction facility is the quickest and easiest method of purchasing directly from our winery.   Don't forget to log in with your Pfeiffer Wine Club Membership code if you are a Pfeiffer Wine Club Member to ensure you receive your 10% discount.  


We still highly value all wine orders received by telephone, mail, fax or email, so if you would prefer to continue placing your orders this way, then we are very happy for you to continue doing so. Simply download the Current Order Form and return it to us.


About Vegan Wines

Wine is made from grapes, but that does not necessarily make it vegetarian or vegan.

Before a wine is bottled it is often clarified with protein fining agents, which traditionally have been things like egg white, milk or gelatine. This helps the wine to have brilliant clarity and a lovely mouth-feel, with the proteins removing some of the astringency in the wine.

Fortunately vegan friendly alternatives have been developed, using pea and potato proteins.  Coupled with changes to some of our winemaking techniques, removing the need to fine some wines at all, we now produce some vegan wines within our range.

Please enjoy exploring our range of Vegan Friendly wines.


Vegan Wines


Pfeiffer Classic Rutherglen Topaque

Rich, luscious and silky smooth, with a fullness of fruit that slides...

Normal Price: $38.00
Wine Club Price: $34.20

2023 Pfeiffer Pinot Grigio

A fresh, dry, wine with enticing aromas and flavours of pear, orange...

Normal Price: $21.00
Wine Club Price: $18.90

Pfeiffer Grand Rutherglen Topaque

The Pfeiffer Grand Rutherglen Topaque displays remarkable intensity,...

Normal Price: $90.00
Wine Club Price: $81.00

2023 Pfeiffer Frontignac

A lovely aromatic wine of rose petals and florals, with a touch of...

Normal Price: $17.50
Wine Club Price: $15.75

Pfeiffer Rare Rutherglen Topaque

This wine displays extraordinary qualities that result from blending...

Normal Price: $140.00
Wine Club Price: $126.00

2022 Pfeiffer Chardonnay

A finely structured Chardonnay with a creamy texture, well integrated...

Normal Price: $25.00
Wine Club Price: $22.50

Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat

Aromas of rich, raisined fruit greet the nose. The palate is one of...

Normal Price: $26.50
Wine Club Price: $23.85

2023 Pfeiffer Riesling

A wonderful wine, reminiscent of limes and passionfruit. Good...

Normal Price: $25.00
Wine Club Price: $22.50

Pfeiffer Classic Rutherglen Muscat

A rich and luscious fortified wine which lingers on the palate long...

Normal Price: $38.00
Wine Club Price: $34.20

2022 Pfeiffer Shiraz

A delicious wine with a great integration of berries, oak and fine...

Normal Price: $30.00
Wine Club Price: $27.00
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